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oh my it has been a while since the 8 cups of coffee a night. i kind of miss it; i almost stayed up all last night only because i knew if i didnt i would sleep all day today and miss things. but i didnt, so i did. actually; we're on a 2 week spring break and pretty much everyone is in rome or cairo or ridiculous places that i would only dream of going to that these people visit on a whim. 'hey should we spend like 2 nights in istanbul before we go to budapest?' please, who are these people, and please tell me am not becoming one of them.
you have to hand it to them for wanting things though, i guess i am a lightning rod for amazing opportunities, but maybe i need to be the person who finds her own gd opportunities instead of waiting for them to find me. revalation.

(i feel bad saying the god noise now that ive been to easter mass at notre dame and realised that it actually does feel kinda like that)

french keyboards are not fun by the way. the a and the q are switched and i most certainly have to hit shift to type a period. apparently the french dont end most of their sentences

anyways, the weather is lovely, i mean it is paris in the springtime and all. and the tourists are crazy everywhere and they make me feel better about myself. ive been doing much walking. no metro all break.

im very sorry to be missing your directorial debut on 24th street, maybe i should send balloons, or i know a picture of the two of us and photoshop in a 24th street sign, that would be awesome.
seriously though thats amazing, congrats and please let me know what amuzing parisy thing you would like me to procure for you!

we really did a terrible job of using this community thing,damn.
In keeping with our humor-themed site, I now give you the funniest bit yet:
Sarah's show opens in a week and it's got about 3 weeks worth of work (including all nighter stints on the duration of said 3 weeks) yet to be completed
AND, hah hah hah hah...
she's avoiding it to go see a show tonight like she's done the past 2 out of 3 nights.
Avoidance and astounding denial and procrastination much??
help me.
Hope you're having a lovely April in Paris, literally.
The weather here sucks balls right now.
For sure major torrential downpours THE ENTIRE DAY yesterday/today.
It's very Lewis Black, "Giant frogs, giant frogs, what can i say? back to you. ...and I imagine if a prophet had seen that kind of weather after he wiped the poop out of his pants he'd a told us about it."
son of a bitch that's too much coffee.

wish you were here to keep me sane/company for all nighters.
oh the paris metro is confusing and makes me miss mta and such.
people stop in the middle of the sidewalk to look in the windows like it is a sport. you would hate it.
but the food. oh man. makes up for the crazy people.

i finished the checkered scarf. its awesome.

p.s. i totally didnt need to send most of th things i did. what a redicolous waste of time and money!

MTA guy.

there's quite possibly nothing funnier than an over-zealous MTA conductor at one in the morning. you'll have to come to NYC to hear my inpression of this guy...

A Whale of a Tale of a Dickhead.

I went back into work to pick up my last paycheck and the manager who i had the blow-out with who suffers terribly from Napoleon syndrome or SDS as i sometimes call it, ( Small Dick Syndrome. Symptoms include acting like a complete and total asshole with the motive of making people think that you have a very large penis. Also, having Napoleon like qualities such as wanting to take over and conquer everything just so you can spread your dicky-ness to people from far away lands.----OH SHIT!!! THE Z just fell off of my keyboard!! OH NO!! IT'S CONTAGIOUS!!!----)
I go back into work and he's there and we do this pretend very cold very distant small talk which we both know is complete and utter bullshit. No matter. And he says.. well fuck it. I'm continuing this in dialogue form.

B- Brian (the asshole)
S- Sarah

B- So have you gotten a new job yet?

(and not to look/feel like a complete loser in front of this asshole who doesn't need any more gas added to the fire, I say:
S- Yes, I have.
(this was before i started working @ the BBQ place. Ah, lies and deception..)
B- Oh really?
(He says way more surprised than he has the right to be. Take that ridiculous inflection out of your voice, take it the fuck out. 'Yes, asshole, I am capable of getting out of your hell-hole and living to tell the story, fuck-head,' I think. )
S- Yep.
(Oh, how i wish we said the things we think sometimes...)
B- Really?--
B- What are you doing?
S- I'm a terrorist.
B- Oh. Hahahaha.
and then i stuck a gun to his head.

or at least that's how the situation played out in my head. in reality i think he just didn't even say a word to me and handed me a check which was short about 15hrs. because they can do that because it's fucking under the table and you are powerless to fight them because they cacn just claim that you never worked there. Awesome.
When are you coming to the city?
sure, i guess i'll be a part of your community. sigh.